Asian Delight Market

4463 Breton Rd. SE, Kentwood, MI
Tel/Fax: 616-827-1828

Chinese Food


Asian Delight Marketplace, Inc. carries wide selection of popular Chinese food products from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Whether you are making a stir fry dish, hot and sour soup, or preparing your favorite dumplings, we have all of the primary ingredients and carry the most popular brands. Below are some of the brands we carry:

  • Rice
Botan, Kokuho, Jasmine.
  • Noodles (Dry, Instant)
Pagoda, Nissin, Doll, Tung I, Ve Wong, Kung Fu
  • Sauces, Condiments, and Spices
Lee Kum Kee, Kimlan, Wei Chuan, Wan Ja Shan, Pearl River Bridge, Koon Chun, Master, Lao Gan Ma, Kong Yen, Pagoda, Companion.
  • Snacks and Candy
I Mei, Garden, White Rabbit, Cha Cha, I Mei, Nice Choice
  • Drinks, Tea, & Liquor
Chin Chin, Mr. Brown, Greenmax, Foojoy, Tsing Tao Beer.